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Hi, I’m Marc

Hi, I’m Marc
Looking back now aged 41, I’ve had a Black dog by myside for many years but it really arrived at the forefront of my life in late September 2015.
My story with Mental health and the effects on individuals of all backgrounds really started on 27th September 2011. I awoke to the shocking news that my Hero Gary Speed had passed away; it was not till weeks and months passed that the story came out about Gary personal struggles.
Speedo a man I looked up to as a youngster in the white of Leeds Utd. A man who become an all-time great of the Premier league & an Icon of Welsh football. A man I had the honour of meeting through my work at Principality Stadium ahead of the England match in 2011.
I am so proud to say he knew my name and went out of his way to shake my hand in Wembley ahead of the return fixture. I also got the chance to play on the same pitch with him even scoring against his team; which got me a slap on the arse of my Hero!!!
This understanding that mental health can affect anyone did help me and continues to help me manage my Black dog.
To be continued………………..